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Quote authors include Robert F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Hellen Keller – and dozens of inspiring celebrities and historical figures.

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Anais Nin was a courageous woman for reinventing the role of women in literature – and life – in the 20th Century.

Albert Einstein is the single most quoted author in our collection. Besides his additions to science was his additions to common sense, creativity, and play in life.

A classic quote, that can always be remembered.

Andy Warhol sometimes says things just to get a reaction – here he was right on the money.

So true. The same could also be said for well behaved men.

A lovely quote I somehow missed – and beautifully laid out.

I love this quote! It reminds me to go out there and to achieve things.

If you have the choice of doing something, and doing something really well – always take the second option.

I have very slowly learned this in all my relationships. And vice versa – you might be loving people in ways they don’t want you to!

Einstein must have learned this the hard way – living through some of the most destructive times humanity has known. it is also part of who he is – having reduced the most profound mysteries into the briefest equations.

Something that is very easy to forget in 500BC is even more so in our era.

Picasso should know – one of the most prolific men in history.

Something to keep in mind in dark times.

If Helen Keller – who faced more obstacles than almost anyone could ever be asked to – could have this insight into bravery, then we should all be able to walk on with fearless steps.

A lovely thought. He also said that the countryside should have little pieces of New York in it, just like New York has little pieces of country in it (its parks)!

A close second – confidence!

So often we look back on a particularly terrible time, and think that we wouldn’t undo it happening to us, for the lessons it brings.

This is another way of saying “be yourself – everyone else is taken!”


Warhol, quoted on the back of a door before going outside.

They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself, said Andy Warhol.

So nicely and briefly put!

The Buddha is number two in our most quoted individuals! Even more than Confucius.

I never knew Walt Disney said this – it makes me have so much more respect for an already great achiever.

Whilst other authors say to be original (or be yourself), Paul Rand here is saying that quality is the most important thing, or with quality will come originality.

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